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Barrel Bungs for The Alcoholic Beverage Industry

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Ace Seal provides standard and custom barrel bungs for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, beer, seltzer, cider, and wine production. Made from 100% FDA-approved silicone, these bungs allow carbon dioxide to properly release from the barrel during fermentation while preventing oxygen from getting in. Whether you’re an expert in fermenting fruit, grains, or sugar, our silicone bungs provide a more effective, longer-lasting sealing solution for your barrels compared to rubber or wood options—an advantage you can taste.

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The Advantages of Silicone Barrel Bungs for the Alcohol Industry

Why plug your barrels or containers with silicone bungs as opposed to traditional rubber or wood options? Highly durable and long-lasting, silicone barrel bungs are designed to keep out harmful micro-organisms, provide proper carbon dioxide ventilation, and prevent air oxidation. They are the superior solution for alcohol fermentation and maturation purposes for a number of reasons, including:

  • Reusability: these bungs are easily cleaned, sanitized, & ready to reuse!
  • Provide a tighter, more secure fitting in the barrel
  • Unlike wood bungs, silicone does not stain, mold, or absorb odors overtime
  • Maintain their dimensional tolerance in temps ranging from -75°F to 450°F
  • Top grip lip prevents bungs from getting stuck in the barrel or falling in
  • Made from FDA-approved, food grade silicone with 4x the service life of other rubbers
  • Available in a range of styles, sizes, and custom designs

Silicone Barrel Bungs for Fermenting & Aging Wine

White, red, rosé, dessert, or sparkling—no matter what you specialize in, we have the barrel bungs and stoppers you need to ferment, age, and store your wine.

Silicone Beer Keg Bungs for Beer, Hard Cider, & Spiked Seltzer

Whether your process begins with grains or sugar, we have a wide selection of beer keg bungs for all types of malt beverages, including beer, hard cider, and hard seltzer.

Silicone Barrel Bungs for Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon

Enhance the flavor profile of your spirits with whiskey, scotch, and bourbon silicone barrel bungs. As a non-reactive material, silicone can withstand the high levels of ABV these types of alcohols typically reach during maturation.

FDA-Approved Silicone Fermentation Bungs for Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries

Our selection of FDA-grade silicone barrel bungs includes options for nearly any type of barrel or storage container. We offer several styles to accommodate each stage of the fermentation and storage process. Available in stock U.S. or French sizes or in custom sizes, designs, prints, or colors. Standard options include but are not limited to:

  • Fermentation bungs with a 2-piece design consisting of the bung & an airlock
  • Solid barrel bungs with a top grip lip for improved sealing power & easy removal
  • Bungs with a 3/8 thru hole to accommodate plastic or glass tubing
  • Hollow bungs to provide added flexibility in challenging applications

Find the Custom or Wholesale Barrel Bungs You Need at Ace Seal

Ace Seal provides durable, long-lasting silicone barrel bungs for your winery, brewery, or distillery. With manufacturing facilities around the world, we’re able to provide global service to our customers throughout the alcoholic beverage industries. When you work with Ace Seal, you receive the best quality products, the most competitive prices, and the fastest lead-times in the industry. 

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