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Silicone Beer Barrel Bungs

  • Barrel bungs for beer, seltzer and cider

Selecting the right barrel or vessel is only part of the formula for a successful brew. You also need barrel bungs and stoppers designed to create the ideal environment when fermenting and brewing beer, hard cider, or hard seltzer. Our FDA-approved silicone barrel bungs come in a range of sizes and styles to fit most U.S. and French beer barrels and vessels.

Wholesale & Custom Beer Keg Bungs from Ace Seal

Ace Seal offers wholesale and custom silicone barrel bungs for your brewing and fermenting application. Click into any of the products below to view additional details and add to your cart. Contact an expert for more information or request a quote on custom barrel bungs today.


Fermentation Stoppers & Keg Bungs for Beer, Hard Cider, & Hard Seltzer

Ace Seal offers wholesale silicone beer barrel plugs, hard cider barrel plugs, and hard seltzer barrel plugs in the style and size you need. We use 100% FDA grade silicone to prevent warping, discoloration, and other issues associated with cork or wood stoppers. Silicone also lasts is to 4x longer than rubber, making it a more cost-effective solution.

Advantages of choosing silicone fermentation stoppers and keg bungs from Ace Seal:

  • Tapered design fits most U.S. and French barrels
  • Silicone does not mold or retain odors
  • Non-porous material is easy to clean and sanitize
  • Achieve premium sealing, even with slightly warped barrel bung holes
  • Top-grip lip styles for effortless insertion and removal
  • Thru-hole styles allow the insertion of plastic or glass tubing

Silicone Beer Keg Bungs for Fermentation & Brewing Processes

Our high quality wholesale silicone barrel bungs fit standard beer, cider, and seltzer barrels and are offered in several styles to accommodate each stage of the brewing, fermentation, and storage process.

Silicone Fermentation Bungs

Get proper ventilation while preventing oxidation and contaminants from ruining your brew. Our silicone fermentation bungs have a two-piece design that keeps the fermentation locked in the barrel until you’re ready to release the pressure. 

Solid Barrel Bung Plugs

Use these standard beer, cider, and seltzer barrel stoppers to plug oak barrels or tank lids. The tapered design creates a secure seal that keeps contaminants out and freshness in.

Solid Barrel Bungs With a Top Grip Lip

We added a top-grip lip to our standard solid barrel bungs for easier insertion and removal. These beer barrel stoppers feature a tapered design for sealing almost any fermentation barrel or lid.

Standard Bungs & Stoppers With 3/8 Thru-Hole

Thru-hole style beer barrel bungs and stoppers are designed for use with airlock devices. Select from bungs with or without a top grip lip based on your needs.

Hollow Barrel Stoppers & Bungs

These cider, beer, and seltzer barrel bungs have a hollow center, making them more lightweight and flexible than our solid plugs.

Hollow Barrel Bungs With Top Grip Lip

The addition of a top grip lip makes these barrel bungs even easier to insert and remove than our standard style. This design also helps prevent the plug from falling into your barrel.

Wholesale & Custom Silicone Barrel Plugs for Beer, Cider, or Seltzer Production

Ace Seal manufactures durable silicone barrel bungs for breweries. Made from high quality, food-grade materials, our standard and custom silicone barrel stoppers are the perfect solution for beer, hard cider, and hard seltzer barrels of all sizes. Contact us with any questions or request a quote on custom keg bungs today.