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O-Ring Cord

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O-Ring cord is used when standard O-ring sizes may not be suitable. We provide custom O-ring cord for use in pumps, cylinders, and valves to prevent gas or fluid from leaking through connected components. Designed to your exact specifications, our O-ring cord is available in inch or metric sizes, standard, quad, or square designs, and a variety elastomer materials. 

Ace Seal is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of custom sealing components. Whether you require spooled O-ring cord in bulk or prefer it to be spliced and vulcanized into custom rings, we will work with your project requirements to create the high quality O-ring cord you need. Contact us today to get started. 

Types of Rubber O-Ring Cord

Standard O-Ring Cord

Standard O-rings feature a circular or round cross-section and can be used for both static and dynamic applications. Round O-rings are the standard O-ring design, and are a cost-effective option for use in general purpose applications that are not heavily exposed to high pressure and/or vibrations.

Quad O-Ring Cord

Also known as X-rings, Quad rings have a four-lobed, X-shaped profile to provide twice the sealing surface compared to standard O-rings. Q-rings are typically used in both static and dynamic applications and come with a host of benefits, including prolonged service life, increased stability, and ease of installation. 

Square O-Ring Cord

Square O-rings have a square or rectangular shaped cross section to provide increased surface area. These types of rings are commonly used in static applications where high load force is required or in applications with a thin sealing area. Along with Quad O-rings, square O-rings will fit into standard grooves for most applications.

O-Ring Cord Stock Materials

We work with a variety of elastomer materials to create high-quality O-rings for any application. When choosing a material, it’s important to consider various factors, such as chemical compatibility, temperature compatibility, sealing pressure, durometer, size, cost, and more. Browse our full material selection to determine the best option for your application. Some of the most common elastomers used in the construction of O-ring cord include:

Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings for Static Sealing Applications

Cord stock is most commonly used to create spliced and vulcanized O-rings, which are cut from a spool of cord and then bonded together. Spliced and vulcanized rings are ideal for static sealing applications where standard compression or injection molded cords cannot be used due to dimensional incompatibility. This method of creating O-rings is also a convenient option when only a few pieces are needed or when you require an O-ring sooner than it can be produced.

While these O-rings perform excellently in static applications, they are not recommended for dynamic applications where they may be subjected to the stress of moving parts. Ace Seal provides spools of bulk O-ring cord for you to cut and bond yourself or we can provide you with vulcanized O-rings pre-cut and bonded to your exact specifications.

Contact Ace Seal for Custom or In-Stock O-Ring Cord Stock

Ace Seal has over 40 years of experience providing high-quality sealing solutions for our customers all over the world. We can provide you with the inch or metric cord stock you need in the material, size, & style best suited to your application. Apart from our customization capabilities, we also offer a wide range of in-stock products available at wholesale prices. Contact us to begin discussing your O-ring cord requirements or request a quote today.