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Silicone Wine Barrel Bungs & Stoppers

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A wine barrel bung, also called a stopper, is a plug used to close an opening in the barrel when making wine. This truncated conical closure is partially inserted into the container to form a seal that prevents the contents from spilling out and keeps outside contaminants from entering.

Wine Barrel Bung Product Options:



Ace Seal’s wine stoppers for barrels are made of the highest quality food-grade materials. We use only 100% FDA grade silicone in our bung manufacturing processes, and all our rubber wine barrel stoppers are engineered for premium sealing capabilities, durability, and longevity.


Follow the links below to find the FDA-approved food-grade rubber wine barrel plugs your project needs.

Better Wine Barrel Plugs at Better Prices

Highly automated high-volume molding processes and state of the art molding equipment allow Ace Seal to offer superior quality silicone wine barrel bungs at significantly lower prices than other manufacturers and distributors. Quite simply, we have designed and created a “Better Bung.”

  • All our wine stoppers for barrels have manufacture and date code identification
  • Bungs are standard natural (translucent-white) color
  • Custom wine barrel bungs (custom sizes, colors, and printed designs) are also available
  • All Ace Seal wine barrel plugs are designed to fit both U.S. and French barrels
  • See individual product listings for additional information and specifications

Contact Us for FDA-Approved Wine Barrel Stoppers

Need a custom size bung for older or oversized barrels?  Need a custom molded rubber seal for an odd size tank door or other custom size gasket? Contact Ace Seal today--our product development team will work with you to design and manufacture the components you need to resolve any sealing issue. We are the only source you need for all your sealing requirements. 

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Silicone Barrel Stoppers and Bung Options

Ace Seal offers FDA approved food-grade silicone wine barrel bungs in multiple styles to meet your sealing needs. All bungs are available in standard size (55mm top x 45mm base x 43mm height) and “natural” color,” as well as in custom sizes and colors for your specialized applications—contact us to discuss your custom requirements. Our rubber wine stopper options include:

Solid Wine Bung with Top Grip Lip

Our standard U.S./French solid barrel stopper features a “top grip lip” for easier removal and an even more reliable seal. Manufactured from FDA-approved food-grade silicone.

Hollow Wine Bung with Top Grip Lip

A hollow wine bung provides greater flexibility for easy installation in challenging applications. “Top grip lip” allows for easier removal. FDA-approved food-grade silicone.

Standard Bung with 3/8” Thru-Hole

These standard-size bungs are molded with a 3/8” through-hole that provides an “airlock” function and allows the insertion of tubes or other implements. Manufactured from FDA-approved food-grade silicone.

Solid Wine Barrel Bung Plug

Ace Seal’s “traditional” silicone wine barrel plugs are precision molded to fit all U.S. and French barrels. Manufactured from FDA-approved food-grade material.

Hollow Wine Barrel Bung Plug

Our hollow wine barrel plugs are lighter, more flexible, and easier to install. Like all our wine barrel stoppers, they’re manufactured from FDA-approved food-grade silicone.

Silicone Wine Barrel Bungs from the Sealing Experts

Ace Seal manufactures top quality wine barrel stoppers and other reliable sealing solutions for all applications. Contact us for the FDA-approved food-grade silicone bungs you need.