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X-Rings / Quad Ring Seals

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If you’re looking for standard or specialized quad rings or X-rings, look no further than Ace Seal. We manufacture quad rings and X-rings in sizes, materials, and durometers to accommodate your unique application.

As the proven experts in quad ring manufacturing, we can deliver standard and specialized products to fit your performance requirements. We can provide X-rings to seal nearly any application.

To get started on the quad ring seals or X-ring seals you need, use the filters below to find the I.D., O.D., and cross section (CS) dimensions you need. Then, follow the link to specify the material and hardness your project requires and request a custom quote.



Differences Between Quad Rings & O-Rings

There are several main differentiators that separate standard O-Rings from X-Ring’s four-lobed design. Standard O-Rings are built with a basic layout that provides simple leak protection, while Quad Rings have numerous advanced design qualities that allow them to provide enhanced protection. Quad Ring Seal’s offer a unique spiral twist design coupled with an inner lobe sealing surface that allows for prolonged seal life and improved operational quality.

Advantages of Quad O-Ring Seals

X-Ring seals provide four direct points of support for a wide range of applications. The four-lobed design produces a more secure seal to counteract spiral twisting. This allows the use of a narrower groove width than a standard O-Ring groove, but can also be used in a standard X-Ring groove. Quad Ring benefits include:

  • Less wear due to low friction, thus providing a longer service life
  • Excellent sealing efficiency
  • Improved startup with the lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips
  • Increased stability in dynamic applications
  • Enhanced rolling resistance

Quad Ring Seals & X-Ring Seals for All Applications

Ace Seal can manufacture quad rings in the size, profile, material, and durometer you need. However, please note that not every combination of these factors is possible—certain materials are not available in certain durometers, etc. Send us your quad ring and/or X-ring specifications and we will get back to you ASAP with a custom quote.

Elastomer Options for Quad Ring & X-Rings

Color Options for our Quad Ring & X-Rings

  • Black (Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, Butyl, Aflas)
  • Brown (Viton)
  • Blue (Fluorosilicone)
  • Rust/Orange (Silicone)
  • Custom Colors Offered

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Contact us for more information regarding technologically advanced X-Ring seals, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Ace Seal is your trusted source for high-quality quad rings.