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At Ace Seal, we strive to help our customers get the material and products they need as soon as possible. We are aware of the long lead times for products that require Chemraz, Kalrez, and FFKM. Contact us today about alternative materials to Chemraz, Kalrez, and FFKM with reduced lead times.

Chemraz® O-Rings, Seals, and Gaskets

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Chemraz® O-ring Products Include:


As a high-performance perfluoroelastomer (polymers with 3 or more monomers where all hydrogen positions have been replaced with fluorine), Green Tweed’s Chemraz® is designed and manufactured to provide exceptional chemical resistance. With a broad chemical resistance, Chemraz® o-rings, seals, and gaskets applies to an extensive range of application uses. 

FFKM Chemraz® O-Ring Chemical Compound Characteristics

While its chemical resistance remains unparalleled and one of the primary reasons for its dominance as a versatile o-ring material, Chemraz® also provides excellent sealing capabilities. Specific Chemraz® physical properties include:


Chemraz ®Compounds Available from Ace Seal

Temperature Range


 Application Uses

Chemraz® 504


-22°F to 446°F

  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Low compression set/low temp capabilities
  • Controls
  • Couplings
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Valves

Chemraz® 513


-22°F to 410°F

  • Offers plasma resistance
  • Ideal for semiconductor applications
  • Door Seals
  • Gas Seals
  • Lid Seals
  • Window Seals

Chemraz® 550


-22°F to 410°F

  • Suitable for where small amounts of contamination are acceptable
  • Can be used in dynamic or static applications
  • Filter Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Regulator Seals
  • Valve Seals

Chemraz® 629


-4°F to 500°F

  • Offers plasma resistance to oxygen and fluorine applications
  • High elasticity allows for easy seal installation
  • Chamber Seals
  • Jar Seals
  • Valve Seals
  • Window Seals

Chemraz® 653


0°F to 615°F

  • Exceptional compression set and plasma resistance
  • Black, Carbon-loaded material
  • Bell Jar Seals
  • High-Temp Valve Seals
  • KF Fitting Seals
  • Quartz Rod Seals


Chemraz® E38


-4°F to 500°F

  • Can withstand various aggressive chemicals
  • Developed for plasma systems and diffusion processes
  • Chamber Seals
  • Bonded Gate Seals

Chemraz® Seal and Gasket Benefits

From pharmaceutical and lab instruments to bio-processing and power generation applications, Chemraz® seals and gaskets offer superior compression and broad chemical resistance not found in other FFKM materials. Additional Chemraz® advantages include:

  • High sealing capabilities regardless of temperature or environmental harshness
  • Available in standard shapes as well as custom, design/application specific shapes
  • Less costly than comparable FFKM materials like Kalrez®
  • Capable of being molded into various application-specific o-ring shapes and thicknesses

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