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O-Ring Materials

O-Ring Materials

O-rings are mechanical gaskets with a round cross-section. They are used to prevent gas and fluid leaks in static and dynamic applications and are manufactured from various types of elastomers. Some of our common types of O-ring materials include PTFE, Nitrile (Buna), Neoprene, EPDM Rubber and Fluorocarbon (Viton)Silicone and Kalrez® O-ring materials are also widely used, especially in high-temperature applications.

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We Offer O-ring Materials in Custom and Industry Standard Sizes   

Ace Seal provides O-rings in standard and metric sizes and different material options to meet your application requirements. Our industry standard O-ring material sizes vary depending on the type of O-ring product  selected. Custom sizes, profiles, materials and durometers are also available upon request.

O-ring Materials for Static and Dynamic Sealing Applications

Ace Seal offers a broad range of O-ring materials in different colors and sizes to meet your sealing application requirements. We provide O-rings for industries ranging from oil and gas to aerospace and offer both standard and custom options. Learn more about our various types of O-ring material below or contact us to discuss customization options.


A synthetic rubber with excellent oil resistance and fair to good chemical resistance. Has an operational temperature range of -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C) and a hardness range of 40-90 durometer. Standard durometer is 70. Common applications include fuel tanks, automotive and aerospace applications. Available in standard back or custom colors.


A synthetic rubber providing excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance. Has an operating temperature range of -60° to 300°F (-51° to 150°C) and a hardness range of 40-90 durometer. This highly versatile O-ring material is used in various applications including medical devices, automotive, household appliances, and more. Available in standard black. 70 durometer.


A family of perfluoroelastomer compounds that provides excellent chemical, heat, oil and abrasion resistance. Offered in three resin options with temperature resistance up to 392-572°F/200-300°C. This material is used in applications that involve repeated or prolonged contact with hydrocarbons and/or highly corrosive fluids, or those that encounter a wide range of temperatures.


A type of saturated rubber material that offers good stability in extreme temperatures and resists fuels, oils, solvents, chemicals, and more. It has an operating temperature of -75° to 400°F (-59° to 204°C) and a hardness range of 50-80 durometer. This material is ideal for static sealing applications and is widely used by the aerospace industry. Available in standard blue 70 durometer or custom colors.


A synthetic rubber with excellent weather resistance and good heat and abrasion resistance. Has an operating temperature of -45° to 225°F (-43° to 107°C) and a durometer of 40-90 durometer. The properties of neoprene make it well suited for a variety of sealing applications, including air conditioning and refrigeration.  Available in standard black 70 durometer or custom colors.


An elastomer with excellent abrasion resistance and weather resistance, and good oil resistance. Has an operating temperature range of -60° to 225°F (-51° to 107°C) and a hardness range of 70-90 durometer. Common applications include hydraulic fittings, valves, cylinders and pneumatic tools. Available in standard translucent or black 70 or 90 durometer, with custom colors available.


A synthetic rubber material that is non-reactive, stable, and provides excellent resistance to heat, cold, UV and ozone exposure, and fungal growth. Has an operating temperature range of -75° to 450°F (-60°C to 232°C) with a harness range of 30-80 durometer. Silicone is best for static applications and including automotive, medical devices, food storage, electronics, and more. Available in standard rust/orange 70 durometer, with custom colors available.


A synthetic rubber/elastomer providing excellent heat, oil, acid, weather and flame resistance. Has an operating temperature of -20°F to 400°F (-29°C to 204°C) and a hardness range of 50-95 durometer. The durable material is frequently used in chemical processing and automotive applications. Available in standard black or brown 75 durometer, with custom colors available.

Additional O-Ring Materials

Other material options include Aflas®, Kalrez®, Chemraz®, vegetable fiber, PTFE, and much more. If you don’t see the material you need listed, let us know!

What is the O-ring Material Selection Process?

There are numerous types of O-ring materials available and each offers different features and benefits. Some materials perform well in chemical or high heat applications where others may deteriorate under harsh operating conditions. Even the specific type of oils or chemicals being used in your application determine O-ring material compatibility.  Abrasion and tear resistance may also be of importance, especially in dynamic applications or when abrasive substances are involved.

Primary considerations for O-ring material selection include chemical compatibility, application temperature compatibility, sealing pressure, durometer, size and cost.  Depending on the application, factors such as electrical properties, dynamic resistance, tear resistance and ozone resistance should also be considered. Taking all these parameters into consideration will help you determine which O-ring material choice is best suited for your application. 

View the Common O-Ring Materials PDF for an overview of material specifications. Our Material Properties Comparison Chart also provides useful information on chemical resistance, heat resistance and other factors that aid in the O-ring material selection process.

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