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Dupont™ Kalrez® O-Rings

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Dupont™ Kalrez® O-ring products are high-performing sealing products for secure applications. With high-temperature stability and chemical resistance for over 1,800 different chemicals, Dupont™ Kalrez® O-rings, seals, and gaskets provide the high performance and versatility needed in an effective elastomer. With their strength and reliability, these O-rings offer a cost-effective alternative to metal O-rings.

As a trusted distributor of O-ring products, Ace Seal offers top-performing Kalrez® seals in standard O-ring sizes or custom configurations for your specific needs. Contact us to learn more or find the best solutions for your projects.

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Ace Seal offers Kalrez® O-rings in various styles and series. Find the right O-ring products for your applications below.


Features & Properties of FFKM Kalrez® O-Rings, Seals, & Gaskets

Physical properties of Kalrez® materials include a hardness of 75 for standard products and a range of 82 to 95 for specialty products. Kalrez® shares the same base monomer as Teflon®, making it a chemical-resistant, temperature-stable rubber. Kalrez® products include a maximum application temperature of up to 620°F for standard products and up to 617°F for specialty products. Industrial temperature processing ranges can reach temperatures of up to:

  • Chemical Processing: 620°F
  • Oil & Gas: 550°F
  • Food & Beverage Processing: 500°F
  • Pharmaceuticals: 500°F
  • Semiconductor: 617°F

Temperature ranges vary based on application and Kalrez® product. View our temperature compatibility chart for more information.

FFKM Kalrez® O-Ring Chemical Compound Characteristics

Specific physical properties of Kalrez® chemical compounds include:


Kalrez ®Compounds Available from Ace Seal

Temperature Range


Application Uses

Kalrez® 6375


Max temperature of 527°F

  • Carbon-black filled
  • Ideal for general o-ring use
  • Mixed process streams
  • Recommended for use in steam, ethylene oxide, and propylene oxide

Kalrez® 7075


Max temperature of 620°F

  • Low compression set
  • Improved seal force retention
  • Has glossy finish
  • Designed for chemical and hydrocarbon uses

Kalrez® 4079


Max temperature of 600°F

  • General purpose, low compression set
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Ideal for aircraft
  • Not recommended for hot water/steam applications

Kalrez® 6380


Max temperature of 437°F

  • Non-black, cream color
  • For chemical processes using hot amines
  • Ideal for applications in oxidized chemicals

Kalrez® 7090


Max temperature of 617°F

  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Resistant to temperature cycling effects
  • Ideal for higher hardness applications
  • Suited for applications requiring high-temperature extrusion resistance

Kalrez® 0090


-5.8°F to 482°F

  • Resistant to extrusion and gas decompression


  • Ideal for industrial equipment like pumps and valves

Kalrez® 0040


-43.6°F to 428°F

  • Maintains elasticity in low temperatures
  • Ideal for low temperature environments
  • Works well for couplings or applications requiring chemical resistance

Kalrez® 1050LF


Max temperature of 550°F

  • Good hot water and amine resistance
  • Not recommended for organic acid use at high temperatures
  • Ideal for door lids
  • Drain seals
  • Fittings
  • Flow meters

Applications for Kalrez® Materials

With products including AS568 O-rings, Boss 900 Series O-rings, and Parker 500 Series O-rings, there are variations of Kalrez®  sealing products designed for several projects across various trades. Ideal for applications that require high performance in harsh environments, Kalrez® products are well-suited for a variety of applications across numerous industries, including:

  • Chemical Processing: Provides long-term embrittlement resistance and protection from swelling in abrasive environments.
  • Oil & Gas: Excellent corrosion resistance and durability against high temperatures and pressures.
  • Food & Pharmaceutical Processing: Offers heat and chemical resistance and contamination protection with FDA compliance.
  • Semiconductor: Offers exceptional chemical resistance and thermal stability.
  • Aerospace: Wide temperature processing range for demanding aerospace and aircraft applications.

Advantages of Dupont™ Kalrez® O-Rings

Kalrez® elastomer parts are designed for high-performance applications and can function with over 1,800 chemicals. Their versatility and longevity have made it a preferred FFKM for over 30 years. The enduring and established effectiveness of Kalrez® components reduces the need for frequent seal changes, repairs, and inspections, leading to enhanced process and equipment uptime. This results in improved operations and yield. Additional advantages of Kalrez® material usage include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Maintained process purity
  • Increased safety

Alternatives for Kalrez® Materials

Kalrez® is a highly sought-after material for its many benefits and applications. As such, long lead times and increased costs are expected. However, there are several reliable alternatives to rival Kalrez® in functionality and results, with reduced lead times and cost-effective solutions.

Tecnoflon® is a suitable substitution for Kalrez® materials. It offers the highest performance levels among all FFKM elastomers and features extreme chemical resistance, allowing use across virtually all industries and applications. Specialty grades of Tecnoflon® can be applied to unique and demanding projects, making Tecnoflon® an underrated yet remarkable alternative to Kalrez®.

AFLAS® Premium PM-3000 and evolast® are additional FFKM elastomers that can be used in place of the highly demanded Kalrez® material. Ace Seal supplies a wide variety of FFKM products for superior performance in all sealing applications.

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