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Custom Military Specification O-Rings, Seals, & Gaskets

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Ace Seal offers a vast array of military specification products for the military industry. We supply mil spec o-rings, seals and other molded rubber products that meet all required military specifications for use, including AMS, NAS, and SAE standards.
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Mil Spec Seal and O-ring Applications

Our products are ideal for use in defense weaponry, the transfer of aircraft fuels, and many other military applications. More specifically, each type of material that we provide has its own unique mil spec application.
Our mil spec O rings, seals and molded rubber products are made from a variety of materials that are well-suited for use in military applications. These materials offer exceptional performance in outdoor conditions, and are highly resistant to prolonged exposure to sunlight, water, steam, and other environmental factors. These materials include:

Mil Spec Materials 

Custom Mil Spec Grafoil

Ace Seal specializes in the use of grafoil, one of the best materials available for military industrial use. Grafoil is specially designed for high temperature and/or high pressure applications, and offers excellent compressibility and flexibility to withstand the most rigorous service demands. We supply grafoil gaskets to meet the unique requirements of military use. Ace Seal can create custom grafoil gaskets in any size and thickness, to match your exact specifications.
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