Ace Seal is a global manufacturer of custom o-rings, seals, gaskets and other molded rubber & plastic components

Custom Medical Grade O-Rings, Seals, & Gaskets

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Ace Seal supplies a broad range of products for the highly specialized medical industry. We have the capability to produce medical grade products for the medical industry in a certified USP Class VI clean room, and we use only FDA and NSF approved materials. These practices ensure that all of Ace Seal’s medical products meet or exceed the lofty standards of the industry.

Medical Grade Products

At Ace Seal we supply a variety of high-quality medical grade seals and O rings, some of which include: Our medical grade products are available in varied materials and sizes to fit your specific needs. The medical grade products that we offer are of the highest quality and finest precision available. Most importantly, our engineers and product developers understand the benefits that come from being patient, accurate and knowledgeable regarding the applications and materials being used for your specific device. 
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Custom Medical Grade Products

Ace Seal’s custom medical seals and medical grade O rings are constructed from silicone or rubber and have a variety of medical applications, some of which include:
  • Medical pump seals
  • IV components
  • Seals for medical appliances
  • Feeding devices
  • O-rings for dialysers
  • Endoscopy bridges
  • Miniscule custom molded parts for implantable devices
  • Medical grade gaskets & pipe couplings
  • And more
Ace Seal can also create custom seals and custom molded products to meet the exact specifications of any medical project. Working from customer designs, we can manufacture custom medical grade seals and molded products for any application. Ace Seal has the capabilities to create medical grade seals for anything our customers require. We work with our customers to create the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available.

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We manufacture molded rubber products for medical tools, medical devices, medical implants, and more, all from the finest medical grade materials. Our ability to create custom seals and medical O rings gives us a unique competitive advantage within our industry. Our large inventory of silicone seals, metric O-rings and more makes us the number one choice for numerous medical industry applications.
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