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Scotch Barrel Bungs

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Scotland is known and respected across the word for its whisky. Distillery operators are dedicated to perfecting their craft and seek products that help them produce the best scotch possible. Every component of the process is important, from the grains selected to the barrels used for aging. Even the plugs used to seal your barrels are an important consideration.  


Wood plugs are traditionally used as scotch barrel stoppers, but this material is prone to damage, mold, and warping. A better alternative is silicone, which is used across food and beverage applications because of its durability, temperature resistance, and resistance to fungal growth. Silicone whisky barrel bungs are designed to be used over and over without losing their sealing power. 


High-Quality Whisky Barrel Bungs for Scottish Distilleries 

Scottish distilleries take their craft seriously, and so do we. We designed our barrel bungs and plugs for quality and longevity and only use the best and most durable materials for manufacturing. Our standard plugs come in a natural, translucent-white color and are designed to fit U.S. and French barrels. Other features include:  

  •  U.S. FDA-approved food grade silicone  
  • Withstands exposure to high levels of AVB 
  • Custom sizes and colors available  

Bulk Scotch Barrel Bung Plugs in the Size and Style you Need 

We offer volume discounts on all our silicone barrel bungs; the more you buy, the more you save! We offer wholesale scotch barrel plugs in three distinct styles to meet your sealing needs. Our top-grip silicone whisky barrel stoppers feature a small lip for easier removal. Thru-hole stoppers are designed for use with airlock devices or tubing.  

Select from the categories below to learn more about each scotch barrel bung plug style.  If you need a unique color, design, or size, send us a message and we’ll work with you to create custom scotch barrel bungs.  

We Ship Scotch Barrel Bungs to Scotland and Worldwide   

Ace Seal is a manufacturer of high-quality sealing products. As an expert in all things sealing, we know how to produce durable bung plugs that meet your barrel sealing needs. We ship anywhere, including Scotland’s whisky producing regions of Speyside, Islay, Highland, Campbeltown, Lowland, and Ayrshire. Build your quote online or contact us to start a conversation about custom whisky barrel bung stoppers.