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Barrel Bungs

Wholesale & Custom Silicone Barrel Bungs

Barrel bungs play a small but essential role in the making of wine, whiskey, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Often made of cork, these stoppers are designed to plug barrels during fermentation, processing, and storage. While effective at sealing, cork does have disadvantages such as warping and being prone to mold. A better, more economical alternative is silicone barrel bungs. 


We Provide High-Grade Silicone Barrel Stoppers in Bulk

Ace Seal offers variety of silicone barrel bungs wholesale for wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Unlike corks, 100% FDA grade silicone is durable and does not stain, mold, or hold odors. Silicone barrel bungs are also reusable, making them a more cost-effective option. Whether you’re producing a fine chardonnay or bubbly spiked seltzer, we have the barrel stoppers you need.

  • Wine fermentation bungs
  • Solid barrel bungs & stoppers a top grip lip
  • Hollow wine barrel bung & stoppers a top grip lip
  • Standard bungs & stoppers with 3/8” thru hole

Need a unique size, style, or color? Or a printed design for branding purposes? We also manufacture custom barrel bungs in bulk. Send us a quote request to start the process.

Beer Barrel Bungs

Silicone beer bungs are an excellent alternative to wood or cork, both of which are prone to expanding and contracting and creating gaps. We offer beer barrel bungs in bulk for everyone, from small craft breweries to large-scale producers.

Cider Barrel Bungs

People of all ages enjoy the crisp, delicate taste of cider. Use our food-grade silicone stoppers during fermentation, filtration, and pasteurization to keep your vats sealed and prevent contamination.

Scotch Barrel Bungs

Scotland is known around the world for its whisky. Preserve the quality of your product with our high-grade silicone barrel bungs and stoppers.

Spiked Seltzer Barrel Bungs

Silicone barrel bungs are ideal for fermentation and storage. Protect your spiked seltzer from contamination during each stage of processing with our silicone stoppers

Whiskey Barrel Bungs

Distilleries take great pride in their craft. We manufacture our whiskey barrel bungs from pliable, yet durable silicone to give you an effective seal that won’t leak.

Wine Barrel Bungs

Select from a wide variety of wholesale barrel bungs and stoppers for your vineyard. We have durable silicone rubber plugs for your fermentation, aging, and storage containers.

Wholesale Food-Grade Barrel Bungs

If you need silicone stoppers in bulk for your winery, distillery, or brewery, we have you covered. Select from our instock stoppers and plugs and take advantage of our volume discounts! Contact us to start your custom barrel bung order.

Silicone Wine Barrel Bungs from the Sealing Experts

Ace Seal manufactures top quality wine barrel stoppers and other reliable sealing solutions for all applications. Contact us for the FDA-approved food-grade silicone stoppers you need.