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EMI Shielded O-Rings & Seals

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EMI O-rings and seals are dual-purpose molded rubber parts made to create a pressure seal that locks out moisture and contaminants and shield internal components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). 

These conductive seals consist of silicone or fluorosilicone base elastomer filled with metal particles. The silicone creates an environmental or pressure seal, and the metal particles provide electrical conductivity and EMI/RFI shielding. Silicone is an excellent material because it resists deformation and withstands exposure to water, chemicals, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, and extreme temperatures. 

EMI O-rings and rubber extrusions are ideal for medical, military, aerospace, and automotive applications involving sensitive electronics equipment. 

EMI Shielding O-Rings for Electronics Applications 

Ace Seal stocks high-quality conductive EMI O-rings and seals that deliver the reliable sealing power you need while protecting internal components from damaging EMI and RFI exposure. Choose from molded or bonded EMI O-rings based on your needs and budget. All bonded O-rings are sealed with conductive silicone adhesive to prevent radio wave penetration and EMI leakage. Silicone adhesives do not create hard spots in the sealed area and have the same temperature range as the O-ring material. 

We offer EMI O-rings and seals in a range of sizes, shielding levels, and durometers. For specialty applications, we can work with you to create custom molded rubber components based on your requirements. Filler and material options for standard EMI shielding O-rings include: 

  • Silver-aluminum silicone (meets MIL-DTL-83528 Type B)
  • Silver-aluminum fluorosilicone (meets MIL-DTL-83528 Type D)
  • Silver-copper silicone (highest shielding and conductivity)
  • Nickel-aluminum silicone (high corrosion resistance)
  • Nickel-aluminum fluorosilicone (high corrosion resistance)
  • Nickel-graphite silicone (most economical silicone option)
  • Nickel-graphite fluorosilicone (fuel and solvent resistance)

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