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We offer polyurethane o-rings in standard inch and metric sizes, and polyurethane gaskets and polyurethane seals in custom profiles and configurations that are customized to your specifications. We can provide polyurethane o-rings, gaskets, and seals in standard durometers of 70 or 90, with custom durometers available to meet your needs. A variety of colors are also available.

Order AS568 polyurethane o-rings today, or contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

O-Ring Products in Polyurethane


Features of Ace Seal’s Polyurethane Elastomer Products

  • Resistant to: high pressure hydraulic fluids, abrasion, oil, grease, chemicals, high impact, cracking, cuts, heavy loads, ozone, oxygen
  • Not for use with: alcohols, hot water, steam
  • Temperature range: -60° to 225°F (-51° to 107°C)
  • Hardness range (durometer): 70-90
  • Standard hardness: 70
  • Standard colors: translucent or black; custom colors available upon request
  • Primarily used for drive belts

Polyurethane Chemical Compatibility & Characteristics

If polyurethane is not compatible with your application, view our chemical compatibility chart to find a material with the properties you need.

  • Abrasion resistance: Excellent
  • Ozone resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent
  • Tensile strength: Excellent
  • Tear resistance: Good to excellent
  • Heat resistance: Fair to good
  • Cold resistance: Good
  • Oil resistance: Good
  • Impermeability: Fair to good
  • Dynamic resistance: Fair
  • Electrical properties: Fair
  • Set resistance: Fair
  • Acid resistance: Poor
  • Chemical resistance: Poor
  • Flame resistance: Poor
  • Water steam resistance: Poor

What is Polyurethane? General Properties, Compatibility & More

Polyurethane is an elastomer composited of organic units joined by urethane links. This material is used to make everything from foam sponges to automotive bushings to synthetic fibers like Spandex.

Polyurethane o-rings, polyurethane gaskets, and polyurethane seals are ideal for applications that need rubber- or plastic-characteristics, but with the durability to survive challenging environments that these materials could not. They exhibit excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, elasticity, and rebound. Polyurethane is also highly resistant to abrasion, cuts, cracking, high impact, and heavy loads.

If polyurethane is not chemically compatible with your application, view our chemical compatibility chart to find the material that best suits your needs.

Common applications for polyurethane gaskets, etc., include bulk material transfer systems, hydrostatic testing, liquid transfer systems, nondestructive testing, automotive, and hydraulics.

Polyurethane Gaskets for High Impact Applications

Among the many benefits of polyurethane gaskets includes superior resistance to tears, abrasion, and solvents, as well as superior bonding capabilities, high load bearing capacity, and long-lasting service life. While polyurethane is not ideal for high temperatures, it can resist cracking in even the lowest of temperatures. Gaskets made from polyurethane also perform well in the presence of greases, oils, fats, ozone, and some moderate chemicals. These gaskets are the preferred choice for high impact applications, such as wear pads, machine mounts, and aerospace and automotive components.

Ace Seal provides high quality gaskets for all types of industries and applications. We can work with you to create the custom polyurethane gaskets you need. Contact us today to get started.

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