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At Ace Seal, we strive to help our customers get the material and products they need as soon as possible. We are aware of the long lead times for products that require Chemraz, Kalrez, and FFKM. Contact us today about alternative materials to Chemraz, Kalrez, and FFKM with reduced lead times.

FFKM O-Rings, Seals & Gaskets

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When it comes to seals and leak-proof connections, O-ring products are the best solution. At Ace Seal, we manufacture and distribute versatile perfluoroelastomer O-rings, seals, and gaskets created from various FFKM materials in standard and custom configurations.

While both O-rings and gaskets are used for sealing and leak-proof applications, they differ in form and function. O-rings are rounded and designed to fit inside grooves between two materials and are common for dynamic applications, while gaskets come in numerous shapes and are commonly used for static applications.

O-ring products from Ace Seal offer superior solutions for your sealing projects. Order your AS568 standard O-rings today, or contact us to discuss your custom O-ring requirements.

FFKM O-Ring Products

At Ace Seal, we pride ourselves on our advanced manufacturing capabilities and extensive selection of O-rings. We provide a wide inventory of FFKM O-ring products, with variations in size, use, and specific material. From Chemraz® to Dupont™ Kalrez®, we have the right perfluoroelastomer O-rings for your needs. Find the best O-ring solution for your application below.


FFKM Perfluoroelastomer Options

Ace Seal offers Chemraz®, Tecnoflon®, and Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer options for O-ring products.


A member of the perfluoroelastomer polymer family— polymers of three or more monomers in which all hydrogen positions have been replaced with fluorine— Chemraz® is the most effective elastomer available for demanding oilfield applications. It provides excellent sealing performance when exposed to mixes of aggressive downhole chemicals and is often specified by operators. Specially formulated compounds can improve resistance to rapid gas decompression and abrasion, reducing downtime for maintenance requirements.


Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM perfluoroelastomer O-rings provide the highest performance levels among all FFKM elastomers. This material is resistant to nearly every class of chemicals, making Tecnoflon® PRF FFKM the best choice for demanding sealing applications. Unique specialty grades of Tecnoflon® have been developed to meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor, oil and gas, and chemical processing applications.

DuPont™ Kalrez®

DuPont™ Kalrez® O-rings, gaskets, and seals provide proven, long-term performance, meaning less frequent replacement, repair, and inspection, and increased process and equipment uptime for improved productivity and yield. Kalrez FFKM products are resistant to over 1,800 different chemicals and are well-suited to numerous highly aggressive or extreme processing environments. By reducing particulates, lowering extractables, and resisting degradation in harsh plasma environments, Kalrez® FFKM O-rings also help prevent contamination in semiconductor processing. This material also provides low outgassing in vacuum-sealing applications.

Alternative Options

Ace Seal recommends alternatives to the highly demanded Kalrez® O-ring products. Tecnoflon® is a suitable substitution for Kalrez materials. Additionally, AFLAS® Premium PM-3000 is a suitable alternative to Kalrez. The right O-ring solutions for your project can be found at Ace Seal.

Perfluoroelastomer Specifications & Applications


At Ace Seal, we offer an extensive range of sizes, styles, and options for FFKM O-ring products. We are confident we have the right sealing accessories for you.

FFKM seals and gaskets maintain functionality in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 620°F based on specific chemical composition. This allows our O-ring products to be used across a wide variety of industries for numerous applications. Our temperature compatibility chart displays recommended operating temperatures for FFKM products and additional O-ring materials.

Our selection of FFKM O-rings features both standard and custom sizes. Chemraz® and Kalrez® O-ring products are available in ID sizes as small as 0.059”, with additional options for custom sizes. Contact us today for more information about custom sealing capabilities.

Industrial Applications

Ace Seal O-Ring products can be found across numerous industries, including but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor Processing

FFKM O-Rings for Vacuum Applications

For dependable seals in vacuum applications, such as low-contamination or high-temperature operations, Ace Seal recommends custom-made, cleanroom-manufactured FFKM O-rings. After manufacturing, these O-rings are plasma-vacuum cleaned and/or vacuum baked to eliminate outgassing and provide vacuum leak tightness. When treated, these FFKM O-rings can be used in UHV-pressure applications.

Advantages of FFKM Material for O-Rings

Perfluoroelastomer O-ring products can be used across a broad range of operating temperatures and in low- or high-pressure applications. They provide numerous advantages for their respective uses. The perfluoroelastomer composition elevates chemical compatibility and characteristics for multiple applications. FFKM O-ring products offer a host of benefits, including resistance to:

  • Abrasion
  • Acid
  • Chemicals
  • Heat
  • Oil
  • Ozone
  • Water steam
  • Weather
  • Flames

If FFKM is not chemically compatible with your application, view our chemical compatibility chart to find the right material for your needs.

Ace Seal is Your #1 Source for Perfluoroelastomer O-Ring Products

At Ace Seal, our FFKM O-ring products are designed to increase productivity while reducing overall maintenance costs. These superior O-rings are engineering to deliver optimal performances to maintain process purity and increase safety. Our high-quality perfluoroelastomers ensure efficiency and reliability across a wide spectrum of applications. We pride ourselves on our extensive inventory of sealing products and solutions. From our vast assortment of standard O-rings to our customization capabilities, we are confident that we supply the right FFKM O-rings, seals, and gaskets for all your unique applications.

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