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Beer, Seltzer and Cider Fermentation Bungs


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A fermentation bung is a device that is used within beer brewing processes that allows natural carbon dioxide buildup from the fermentation process to be released from the fermenter barrel, without the concern of air entering the barrel. This allows the beer to correctly ferment without the fear of air oxidation ruining your product.

Fermentation Bung Product Design

Silicone fermentation bungs are an important piece of fermenting equipment within beer brewing processes. The fermentation bung has a unique two-piece design that allows the fermentation lock to stay in the barrel, releasing pressure when necessary. The bung is made from 100% FDA approved, food grade pure silicone rubber. Our fermentation bungs are designed to fit both English and French barrels.


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Critical Aspects of Fermentation Barrel Bungs

When it comes to fermenting equipment for beer brewing silicone fermentation bungs are a necessary attribute to a successful product. There are numerous reasons as to why fermentation bungs are a welcome addition to any barrel fermenting non-oxidation process, they include:

  • Prevents Access to Micro-Organisms - Vinegar bacteria, lactic bacteria, and weak wild yeasts are easily preventable with a properly maintained bung.
  • Oxidation Prevention – Fermentation bungs also prevent oxygen from accessing your product during your beer brewing process. A fermenter silicone bung not only prevents oxidation, but it makes the production of alcohol possible.
  • Proper Carbon Dioxide Ventilation – The main duty of a fermentation bung is to properly ventilate the fermenter without letting in oxygen.

Fermenter Stopper and Bungs Sanitary Features

When barrel fermentation overflow happens, the barrels, including the bung, need to be thoroughly cleaned. The washing process often saturates the bung with water, which can be a problem for ordinary fermentation bungs. However, Ace Seal’s umbrella style bung keeps the water from collecting on the outside of the bung and potentially entering the barrel. Our fermentation bungs are ultra-sanitary and keep your product safe.

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