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Custom Flange Gaskets

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Flange pipes have flared surfaces that are highly susceptible to leakage when joined together. Flange gaskets are used to join these two sections of pipe to provide a greater surface area and prevent water and other liquids from leaking through the cracks.

Since 1982, Ace Seal has been a worldwide leader in custom sealing solutions for a vast range of industries. We work with a variety of materials to create custom flange gaskets designed to your exact specifications. Whether accomplished through die casting, laser cutting, or another manufacturing method, Ace Seal has the capabilities to provide the high quality custom sealing components you need.

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Material Options for Flange Gaskets

Our material selection includes a variety of rubbers, plastics, fibers, cork, graphite, and more. If you are unsure which material is best suited to your application, contact us, and our team of experts will assist you. You can also reference our material comparison chart to discover the strengths and limitations of some of our most popular options.

Rubber Flange Gaskets

EPDM and CR are used in the construction of flanged gaskets for a variety of industrial machine and equipment applications. Nitrile (Buna-N) and silicone are also some of the more common rubber materials used.

Cork & Vegetable Fiber Flange Gaskets

Gaskets made from cork or vegetable fiber are used in applications where a high heat tolerance is required. These gaskets also provide resistance to water, grease, oil, and gasoline.

Graphite Flange Gaskets

Graphite, or grafoil gaskets are specifically designed for applications that require resistance corrosion, chemicals, and high heat or fire.

PTFE Flange Gaskets

This thermoplastic polymer offers outstanding chemical stability, making it ideal for chemical applications. It is also commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Rubber Flange Gaskets for Any Industry or Application

Flanged gaskets are used across a variety of applications to seal uneven flange pipes. Often made from highly durable, chemical and corrosion resistant materials, flange gaskets are a crucial sealing  component for a range of industries, including:

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing

Ace Seal produces gaskets and other sealing components designed to meet the regulations required by your industry. We maintain all necessary certifications, including RoHS, FDA, UL, and more.

Ring-Type Flange Gaskets vs Full-Face Flange Gaskets

Different flanged gaskets are made with different types of faces (or surfaces) by which the pipes are sealed onto. The two most common types are ring-type gaskets and full-face gaskets. Ace Seal has extensive experience manufacturing both of these types for a wide variety of applications.

Ring-Type Gaskets

These gaskets are installed inside the flange bolts and around the pipe bore. They are typically used on raise face flanges, as they can easily fit on top of the flange. Ring-type gaskets are installed without having to disassemble the joint, making them more universal than full-face gaskets.

Full-Face Gaskets

Full-face have the same outer diameter as the flange, meaning they cover the entire face of the flange. These gaskets also have pre-cut bolt holes for positioning and securing the gasket in the correct location. Full-face gaskets prevent any dirt from slipping in between the two bolting surfaces.

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