Ace Seal is a global manufacturer of custom o-rings, seals, gaskets and other molded rubber & plastic components

Is there a minimum order quantity?

For anything we have in stock, the minimum is $5.00 per line item. There is a $15.00 minimum for all orders.

Can Ace Seal order material from another source to make gaskets from?

Depends on the part. Contact us to determine if your request is compatible with material from another source.

Can Ace Seal work with my shipper regarding the pick-up of the items and payment?

We usually can coordinate with shippers. Contact us regarding your request, and we will do our best to accommodate your shipping needs.

What is a good email address for me to send a file over for quote?

You can send files to, or reach out via our online Request a Quote form. Response time is the same for either contact method.

What is the average estimated shipping date?

The shipping date is dependent on the part ordered; however, we usually ship all standard, in-stock items within one business day.

Does Ace Seal ship internationally?

Yes, but all international shipments require a collect courier shipping account. We do not prepay international shipping costs.

Can I visit Ace Seal’s facility?

Yes! We welcome all visitors to our production facility. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Can I get samples from Ace Seal?

We can provide samples for most parts and/or materials. Contact us to determine if your part/material is eligible for a sample request.

Does Ace Seal offer design assistance?

Unfortunately, Ace Seal no longer provides design services. However, our website includes several design guides and other product literature to help you determine the products, materials, and/or specifications best suited to your application.