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Rubber Transfer Molding

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Transfer molding, also known as overmolding, is a process that involves bonding raw rubber to an existing part that is typically made of metal or plastic. Transfer molding is also used to fully encapsulate an existing part in rubber, such as enclosing electrical components in a protective coating. In this process, the material is heated and injected through sprues into a mold to bond the two pieces together.

Transfer Molding Advantages:

  • Reduced assembly costs
  • High cavity count that allows for high-volume production
  • A short cycle that results in faster production time

Disadvantages of Transfer Molding:

  • Excess waste can be produced from material needing to pass through sprues instead of being directly applied to the mold.
  • The components of transfer molding are complex, leading to costlier tooling and mechanical maintenance.

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