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Whiskey Barrel Bung with Top Grip Lip


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Hollow whiskey barrel bungs are hollow in the center, making them lighter, more flexible, and easier to install in challenging applications. The special “top grip lip” makes installation and removal even easier and extends past the sides of the barrel opening for a more secure seal. Our hollow whiskey barrel stoppers are manufactured from FDA grade/food grade silicone for safe sealing with high reliability. 


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  • 55mm top x 44mm base x 48mm height, with 25.4mm hole width and 35.5mm hole depth

Our hollow silicone bungs are available in stock U.S./French size (55mm top x 44mm base x 48mm height, with 25.4mm hole width and 35.5mm hole depth). We can provide custom hollow whiskey barrel bungs in nearly any size you may need. “Natural” color (translucent white) is standard, but we can manufacture bungs in custom colors and/or with custom printing to meet your specifications.

Hollow Whiskey Barrel Stopper Features

  • Precision molded from FDA-approved food grade silicone
  • Top grip lip for improved ease of use and even better sealing
  • Available in stock U.S./French size or custom sizes
  • Natural color standard; custom colors available

We also offer hollow whiskey barrel bungs without top grip lip, solid whiskey barrel bungs with or without top grip lip, and whisky barrel bungs with 3/8” thru-holes.

What is Silicone & Why is It Used for Bungs?

“Silicone” is the general name for a family of polymer materials; it includes any synthetic compound consisting of repeating units of siloxane. Silicone rubber is the most common form of silicone. Widely used in a broad range of applications, silicone rubber is non-reactive, stable, and resistant to fungal growth. It can be used in harsh environments and extreme temperatures (-75° to 450°F/-60° to 232°C) without losing its useful properties—silicone rubber doesn’t become brittle in subzero conditions, and maintains its dimensional tolerances at high temps.

Its chemical and mechanical properties, and the ease with which it can be manufactured and molded, make silicone rubber an ideal material for whiskey barrel bungs. Ace Seal uses special, FDA-approved, food grade silicone for all our barrel bungs.

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